Do angels drive? What if the dead still live??

I’ve had some free time off my hands lately and that has helped do some soul searching but even more intriguing is the opportunity to reflect on the past and I must confess that provoked a couple questions and one of such is “If angels drive?”.
I’m sure you would be wondering what instigated such a thought but ponder no more because in the next couple of minutes, I’ll be sharing a personal experience with you and then I’m hoping you might be the answer to the missing pieces of the puzzle?
Dating back to the year 2008, I was still an undergraduate of the university of Lagos, Akoka, that was much before I found Christ but I did find solemn in champagne bottles and my car could serve as GPS to the hottest clubs in the city. It was one of those nights I hadn’t woken up with a plan to party all night but then of course, my Honda automobile had no issue blending in just as a chameleon will. I mean, Kay’s ride had hotels on wheels with a boutique right at the back, I practically moved around with clothes and shoes stuck in my boot and my blackberry status was ever ready for an update, you can find ‘Elegushi loading…” on a speed dial. Lol
You know? I was just a junkie living a lie and yeah, I had friends, a whole lot of them who were always ready to foot the bills and all I had to do was driveeeeee! Anyway, that’s a story for another day. Right now, I’m more intrigued about this particular night in the month of June.
At about 6:45pm while bringing the day’s activities to a wrap and preparing to head home, I got a call from a close friend about a party going down at Club 10, which happened to be one of the hottest clubs at the time and also owned by the hottest and finest footballer of our time, JJ Okocha. It was a night for ballers so I made sure I had my spikes well cleaned, just wasn’t putting on a jersey.
Ironic, if you understand what I mean!
According to plans, I was to pick up some chics and ride with a friend at about 11pm and when it had to do with liquor popping out of the bottle and all that Netflix and chilling iish, I’m good with the time, not even a second late, I just know how to get it right and that very night wasn’t an exception. We drove out of campus, all looking fresh and clean and all I could think of at the time was the ice in the mix. Somehow, I forgot to gage the tires and the 3rd Mainland bridge sure didn’t forget to trash the tires. Tragedy!
The car was already overweighted with a lot of pretty women and Kay doing a hundred and sixty didn’t only put our lives in total jeopardy, but what guarantees have we to attend our funerals in full? Well, grace saved us like it always did and when the back tire totally lost it’s air, we relied on the rim to drive us to safety and that was our saving grace because if we had stopped, we wouldn’t only get robbed but the pretty chics I so couldn’t wait to incubate would have been rapped and prolly carrying a couple set of twins today. Wink!
Anyway, like I said, grace saved us. Somehow, unexplainably, we got off the bridge and got somewhere to pack around the Marina axis of the Lagos metropolis and there we were for hours without a clue because I drove for about 10 to 15 years of my life without a driving license or a spare, that night must have been a night of reckoning.
Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner, right??? Anyway, back to my story…
In the midst of all that drama, this is where the night got my attention because somewhere, somehow, a gentleman dressed in all white, in a grey Honda Accord drove by, asked what the problem was, got off his car, approached his boot, brought out a spare, gave it to me, helped fix it and drove off, advising me to be very careful next time and asked that I called his number the next day so I could drop off the tire but the mystery behind it all is that the phone never rang and still have that spare somewhere in my archives, I hope to take it with me to heaven when I’m going so I can say thank you.
Now, my questions are;
What really happened that night because that man sure wasn’t human, I can so bet that with my last breath. Is it possible God sent an angel to us that night?
I grew up hearing there’s no life after death but could it have been my late dad that came to the rescue? What if the dead still hanged around on earth if they died before their time because my dad definitely didn’t leave when he was supposed to?
Could I possibly be hallucinating?
But what if something mysterious did happen that night and God was just trying to tell a story that hasn’t really been told in our journals?
Have I totally lost my mind and feeding off the repercussion of the weed I smoked?
I need answers, who’s got them??
Please holla using the comment section!!
Thank you


  1. Yeah this is an interesting story and I know that there are times God sends His Angels to rescued us even when we are yet to receive Him as our Lord and Saviour because He needs us later for a purpose knowing fully well that we are learning at the moment because if you do not go through all that happened to you there wouldn’t be story to tell.
    God bless you

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