Deaf not daft!

On our way out, mum decided to suss out the tires, and pump if necessary. We arrived at the first vulcanizing workshop, but the owner was nowhere to be found.
We motored a short distance to the next shop, horning as we approached, but again, the owner was not there.
Equally we were about driving off, when we noticed a young guy running towards us, evidently, he owned the second workshop. I thought to myself ‘this dude was sitting in a shop behind his workshop, how did he not hear the hooting of the car’?.
Anyway, mum quickly stopped and was speaking to him, but he did not respond, instead, he was making signs. At that instant, we realized he was mute and deaf. I looked at mum, quite confused about how we would communicate with him.
In some manner, we did put across with him, with signs and writing on the sand. As I watched him, I admired the zeal and sincerity with which he worked.
He wound up pumping the tires that needed to be pumped, and we continued our journey. As we departed, I kept reminiscing about the whole scenario.
The incident triggered me to have a flashback of a story I once read, about a blind guy, who graduated with a 4.4 GPA from a Nigerian public university.
I learnt two lessons from this little story
*The greatest disability a person can ever suffer is the disability of the mind.*
A deprivation of one’s sight does not amount in a loss of vision.
A loss of one’s hands and legs results in an inability to move, but not to reach the top.
A speech impediment hinders a person from talking, but does not bar him from passing information.
An ear defect only stops one’s hearing organs, but does not obstruct the ability to listen.
Oft times, We focus so much on our physical inabilities, but pay little attention to our mental abilities. We create limitations for ourselves through our minds and thought forms.
The truth is, everyone can be successful in life, it all depends on how much strength we can pull out from within.
*Communication is more than mere words.*
Proper communication fosters understanding, and proper communication is not dependent on the length of speech, or the vocabulary employed.
Communication is a matter of the heart and it is based on the willingness of people to communicate with each other.
Whether it is eye signs, hand signals, or even writing on the sand, as long as the people involved understand themselves, they have communicated properly.
*Truth is, I enjoyed communicating with that deaf and mute guy, through writing on the sand, then I sometimes do with speech.*

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