Curses can be a serious blessing for a man of purpose

Purpose is thankful for friends and celebrates the warmth of friendship, how it made them achieve so much.
But purpose is also thankful for enemies because there is nothing that drives you out of your comfort zone like the coldness of hate.
Curses can be a serious blessing for a man of purpose. And “You are blessed, you are blessed”….can be a serious curse when you don’t know your purpose. You just sit down there and be waiting for the blessing to manifest. That’s how Joseph was running about feeling cool with himself and his dreams and his coat of many colours.
Until purpose began to work on him. See this  foolish dreamer, Let’s see what will come out of your life. And they sold him into slavery. Then we saw the blessing
Those who said “I believe in you, you will make it” have produced as many champions as those who said “You are a fool. Nothing good will ever come out of your life”. Such sayings can only cut you short if there is no purpose to your life
For a man set on purpose, curses are blessings in disguise; and enemies are new friends sent to make you angry enough to get up from the place where all your friends were just patting you on the back and making you laugh. ..sent to push you into your life’s calling.
So thank God for your enemies too.

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