Bride should signify Virtue, Beauty and Purity

You prayed for a good marriage
God heard you.
Your father prayed for you
Your mother prayed for you
Your pastor prayed for you
Your church prayed for you
All the time you were praying
You were imagining killer wedding gown
You will show all your friends
That you too are hawt!
So even though concerning marriage
The only cleavage Bible talks about
Is a man cleaving to his wife
…On your so-called day
You decide to show another cleavage
You wear a high skirt
White is meant to symbolise purity
But you are symbolizing nudity
It’s not just YOUR day
It’s your father’s day
It’s your mother’s day
You may disagree now
But when your children
Are ready to have children
You will understand
They brought you up
Don’t let them down
And above all
Especially for those
Who think marriage has nothing to do with church
Or the Christian faith
It is the Lord’s day
If you can go to church on Sundays
A day that comes up 52 times every year
But your wedding is once in a lifetime
Won’t you use it to glorify God?
What you do on your wedding day
Tells of your worship far more
Than what you do on Sundays
So, sisters, when you do this undressing…
You dishonor the church
You dishonor the altar
You dishonor your pastor
Who has to look down at your indiscretions
You dishonor your parents
You dishonor your body
Bride should signify virtue, beauty and purity always
Never nudity or worldliness.
Dear sister in the ‘rodd’.
(permit my calabar accent)
When you do this
You dishonor the Lord
P.S. I think every church should have wedding gowns of different sizes, just as they do, choir robes; and prospective brides should be counseled that if they show up in white swimming gear instead of decent wedding gowns; they will have to change or go back home and log on to the church website for e-marriage.
It is well.

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