The day a child realizes that all adults are imperfect, he becomes an adolescent, the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult, the day he learns to forgive himself, he becomes wise. – Anonymous
How do you react when you make a mistake?
Some people never feel regretful for a wrongdoing. Even yet, some others feel excessively sorry, and find it difficult to recuperate from their pitiful state, which often leads to self guilt.
One of the biggest mistake a person can make is to cling to past errors.
It is okay to feel remorse after a wrong action, but it is necessary to be sensitive enough to know when remorse is generating to self-guiltiness.
While a person who feels remorseful seeks to make amends, the one who feels guilty feels condemned. This is because remorse is targeted on the action itself, but guilt causes one to feel terrible about oneself.
It is important to understand that everyone makes mistakes at a certain point in life.
Most times, it is not actually the mistake that counts most, but the reaction after its occurrence.
The feeling of self guilt automatically programs the mind to recount past errors. Self-guilt does not only cover one’s eyes from seeing his strengths, but brings the weakness right in front of his face.
Feeling guilt over a wrong action done is not a mark of a good soul. It simply gives its victim an unnecessary burden to bear.
Every new day, is an opportunity to liberate oneself from past mistakes and strive towards creating better days.
Every verdict of self-guilt, leads to one of the sentences.
• Hatred for oneself
• Unforgiveness
• Depression
• Disconnection from God and loved ones.
* Low self-esteem
I urge you, learn to forgive yourself!!!

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