Becoming the man you were created to be!

There are different expressions to describe life but allow me to just simply say ‘TO EXIST IS TO LIVE’ and living is continuous dying.
To LIVE, you must constantly KILL SELF to allow THE MAN in you spring forth.
The body is just a physical representation of who you are but what really guarantees your journey, transition and well being on earth is how well you’re able to nurture your spirit and help it grow through the Word of God, to the fulfillment of God’s will for you.
Now, out of curiosity, please allow me ask, do you know what God’s will for your life is?And even if you do, what are your guarantees to fulfilling them??… Hmmmm!
Just before I move on, I like to take a deep breath and I advice you do the same because I know peeps who were destined to become DOCTORs and LAWYERs but today are CONDUCTORs and LAWMAs. Well, they are still operating and enforcing the law, not just in our theater and court rooms.
What would you say happened? Destiny they say cannot the changed but delayed right?
I’ve lived long enough to know we don’t get by in life by simultaneous equations. Using the same formula doesn’t guarantee we would arrive with the same answer. The equation look the same, but the summary always tend to differ.
How do I fulfill destiny and become that man God has created me to be??
The answer to that I’m afraid lies somewhere within you. In other words, YOU are all you HAVE to become the MAN you’ve been destined to be.
Trust me, it’s not an easy contest. You’ve got demons to contend with, destiny spoilers, friends and even loved ones in some really pathetic scenarios and I pray that wouldn’t be our portion.
However, the wonder and beauty of it all is that God has sent His only beloved son to the world and has died for you and I and His precious blood cries for us, which only means we are untouchable and able to achieve that which we set our heart out to. He that is in you is greater than the one who’s in the world. You’re a precious work of faith, a constant work in progress and a prophecy heading to be fulfilled. You’re God’s Word. God’s faithfulness. You’re the apple of His eyes.
What if things aren’t working for you the way they should?
What if you had to take that driving job and constantly have to navigate through life’s compass but the destination isn’t determined by you. Just get behind those wheels and drive!
One thing that is sure is the fact that God always takes us through an humbling experience in the preparation of the man He has called us to be.
Sometimes, you have to be broken to be built.
Sometimes, you have to bruise to be fixed/healed.
And… Most times, you have to encounter difficulties to get yourself out of them.
Life is but a journey and only the brave make it to the end.
What’s your story? Trust me, I’ve got mine. Am I proud of every chapter it has birthed? Not sure I am. As a matter of fact, NO, I’M NOT but one thing I do know is that it has helped me become the man that I am. So…
Stay strong, be positive, persevere, love and trust God and above all, believe in you. You hold the key to life’s fulfillment. Obstacles are just there to derail you from an already scripted and concluded journey. Remember, before you were made, He knew you by your name. He loves you, He created you for a particular purpose that the world wouldn’t be complete without. Don’t fail Him. His purpose is in you. God!


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