Back to the Wall

Has it occured to you that no one ever has it easy? No one ever!
At one point or another, we are always cornered with our backs to the wall.
Unfair right? Well, get used to it as life has never been fair and she isn’t planning on changing anytime soon!
Did you see the Champions League semi final matches?
Aha, you did!
If Spurs and The Kops hadn’t been 3-0 down, having their backs to the wall, would they have come back from the dead like the Night King’s armies?
It is tough situations that bring the real us out of us!
Saying it like BREAKING BENJAMIN in thier song DOWN –
“Fight! We’ll fight and bury our lies
We’ll break these chains and wash it away
Oh light, carry me over the ground, heavy won’t hold me down”
Did you see that? HEAVY WON’T HOLD ME DOWN!
Now, what is that heavy that has got you with your back to the wall?
Depression? Job Hunting? Setbacks? — (fill in the gap)!
We all have the capacity to crawl out and fight and overcome.
Oh, by the way, this isn’t some #motivation, only a gentle reminder that you are capable enough to turn things around…WHEN YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN!
You already have seen it done before your own eyes, that shows you can too!
#LindsayWhispers #branding
Marius! G.D Naidu ™! Brigette! Renee! Dino! David! Awa
Lindsay E. Eke

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