About Us

Life is increasingly becoming more difficult for most Nigerians. As our economy depreciates, the cost of living has become an overwhelming challenge for most. Each day is now synonymous with complaints and frustrations, people are clueless and without answers.

It is a terrible thing waking up every morning without a direction or a purpose. This frame of mind is not the type born out of laziness but a symptom characterized by a mind-set that is slowly and gradually giving up on hope.

The loss of hope leads to the eventual death of self, the urge to press on and the drive to achieve.

Our quest for success rides largely on our interpretations of hope and how we choose to appropriate it. Hope fuels our passions, motivations and inspirations. It keeps our burning desire flaming even in the midst of challenges and when everything seems overwhelming.

Hope must be preserved even if everything else dies.

We must constantly be able to reassure ourselves that the adverse situations will change, that good will come and that all our good efforts will be rewarded at the end. But to do so, we must be inspired always by feeding our minds with positive experiences – true and genuine experiences that can be attributed to our situations and experiences we can rationalize as testaments to our power to overcome all.

King Solomon’s Mine was created as a conduit to project hope and channel strength through inspiration. It was from a realization that our well-being matters and there’s a potency in shared individual experience, especially when they are positive and transformational. Today and all around us, we see a large number of people frustrated, disgruntled and uninspired. We may probably be able to relate with their situations but their actions or reactions will never translate into productivity for themselves, the companies they work for, the people around them and the nation as a whole.

As a blog, we may not be able to change our economy or the prevailing situations that surround us as a nation but we can endeavor to make a difference by inspiring and motivating people by sustaining their hope, refueling their passions and encouraging the strength to persevere.