A Very Big Joke!

Because of your big job; there is a way you always do your face when friends or family come around. You avoid them and treat them with abrupt indifference, so they won’t ask you for anything. And these are people you know, people you grew up with or went to school with.
You can spend 1 million in one night. In 5 minutes sef; feeling cool with your guys at the club or buying one handbag like that; and yet just because someone you know, not a stranger o; asks for 20 thousand, you will tell them to come back twenty thousand times and treat them like trash so that they will never come back to ask you for anything. Don’t you know you can only give to God by giving to the needy when you preserve the dignity of the needy? Aha! Once you demean them or try to make yourself important, you have not done well at all. Not before God.
“I just did it for God”.
Nope. You didn’t. You did it for you, yourself; and yasef.
It’s not that we don’t know there are harassers of life who only remember you when they need something and forget you like you don’t exist when that need is met. We know. Those who call you like 378 times in 5 minutes, and send you 8 billion urgent text messages everyday until they get what they want. …but it’s not even like that for you. It’s not that anyone has been harassing you. It was a simple and very important request that you could easily meet, maybe from a person that has never asked you for anything before.
But life for you has become me, myself, and I. My immediate family and no one else.
“You think you can just come here and ask for anything?”
“Am I your bank?”
“Did you keep any money with me?”
“Do you think I pluck money from the tree?”
That’s the way you think.
It’s okay.
Naturally, the more people have, the less they want to give. And the more successful people are, or the higher they get to in life; the more they look down on those that seem to be less successful. The more wealthy people are, the more they feel the need to distance themselves from the common man. That’s human nature. It is a fallen gbagadaun! nature like that. It’s actually a sign of inner poverty; but we are not talking about that one today.
We are saying we understand.
It’s your money.
You can do what you like with it.
What we don’t understand is why you become emotional on Sunday and lift your hands like old tv antenna when the choir is singing “It’s all about you, it’s all about you Jesus”
You too will open your special mouth and be singing “It’s all about you Jesus”
What is all about Him in how you relate and operate?
Do you mean “It’s NOT about you..?”
Or do you mean “it’s roundabout you..?”
Or do you actually mean Jesus Navas?
Please take paper and biro and draw this your Jesus for us; because he or she must be a cartoon character in a new comedy we have not had the privilege of seeing.
In other words, concerning your singing this and such like worship songs; we are not sure if it is Adejoke or Olajoke; but we know your name must be Joke.
A very big Joke.

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