There is a nation whose citizens are never appreciative about themselves and their actions. A nation called SELF-CONDEMNATION.
Do you know that no one will price you high if you are wearing a low price tag?
In this country, citizens possess the ‘super power’ of always finding fault in whatever they do.
They are constantly plagued by the stigma of an esteem that tells them that everyone else is better than them.
Truthfully, aiming to be better is very necessary in life, but it should never be at the detriment of your self-esteem.
Everyone is uniquely created, with special abilities. Most times, your limitations are as a consequence of your perception about yourself.
It is the manner with which you present yourself that determines how others will treat you.
If you consider yourself as the worst person on earth, how do you think others view you?
Moreover, in life, there are times when you are the only person you’ll have around you.
Times when there will be no one else to motivate you but you.
There are times when you will have to draw strength from within you, in order to pull through.
It is the idea and perception that you have created about yourself that pushes you to keep surviving.
Those people you perceive to be better than you have their own stories, and if they share them, you’d be shocked to notice that your situation might just be better than theirs.
Don’t be your own judge.
Don’t be the one to pronounce yourself guilty.
Don’t Condemn yourself!!!

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