A lie can change Everything!

This is a story of a Christian guy in His thirties, who fasted and prayed fervently for God to lead His wife to him. He was tired of searching. This time, he wanted to be searched for, so he lifted up his voice to the throne of grace and made his supplication known.
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like him. He once was lost, but now that he’s found and can see, he blew it up with a lie.
How old are you, she’s asked. I’m 30 years, he said. A Smart girl, she is, of course you wouldn’t expect any less coming from God. Late that evening, she had googled him up and obviously knew he had told a lie. She got pissed and didn’t want to talk to him but guess she still felt something and decided to give him another chance and he blew it again. Well, this time, he went a little close but almost doesn’t cut it.
A lie is a lie and can’t be trusted.
She went on to break every communication with him, after she had made it known that things couldn’t work. Apparently, she lost her peace somewhere in between knowing what God’s will was about him and understanding and maybe fine-tuning her emotions. She needed answers!
If it was God, the answer has to be clear right??
Maybe, but sometimes, it’s God, but we mess things up trying to work things out ourselves instead of committing it all in His hands to perfect all He has started.
My question; Could she have loved and accepted him despite the difference in age and all the baggages? I think YES because she was God sent and He must have prepared her for all the red flags. With God, the color doesn’t really matter.
Obviously, she likes him but a single lie changed everything. Now my question is, Do you blame her for giving up on what she felt? Well, the answer is NO! He could have trusted God with his past, his baggages, the red flags, the mistakes. He could have given himself a real chance of love but he blew it.
By the way, the guy in question might have a good reason for lying, judging from the things he must have been through and obviously didn’t want to push her away but that could have been pardoned in a different scenario, maybe. With some people, they can’t stand a lie no matter how small or irrelevant it may seem and that’s what played out here.
Will God forgive him and restore her back?
Could it be God that took her peace away because somewhere he decided to leave Him out of the equation and do it himself?
Or is she just scared of loosing herself to him and eventually find out it wasn’t really meant to be?
Million dollar questions you will say, but there’s something I know and that cannot be changed; God’s Will.
So don’t worry, if she’s yours, she’ll be back!
With that said, I hope you’ve learnt from the mistake just like I did writing this. Let God’s Word be His Word and His Gift, be His Gift. Don’t mess with the equation. A single lie can change everything. You have no business lying as a child of God. There’s no excuse for it. NONE!!
Why not stick with the truth no matter how jeopardizing it might be? Remember, If it’s God, it’s DONE before it started. So…
Trust Him completely!

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