21 Questions…

I’ve got some questions to ask and I’m hoping I get the right answers. You know? I wonder, If I was gay and was brought up in this part of the world, would it matter that I’ve got skills and make the empire cast?
God forbid but what if I had fertility problems and the doctors said I couldn’t have my own kids, would you be willing to adopt a baby with me and start a family?
I’m lost in this lonely world, overwhelmed and out of clue, could it be because I lost my hero years ago before I grew to even know what my priorities were? Could I have been a better product of my society if pops was still alive and whopped my ass each time I crossed the line and needed to be reminded why I’m a Falaiye?
I need answers, is it possible for God to bring back my aborted child that I lost ignorantly 19 years ago because I didn’t care enough to love my girlfriend right? I was just plain stupid and selfish, I thought she had cheated on me because at the time, she left to another school to finish her senior secondary education but that girl loved me from the deepest part of her heart and I lost two women on the same night. Could I be forgiven for my misconceptions?
I wonder, has she really forgiven me as she said and what if she wasn’t able to conceive, would she have been happily married today?
We make a lot of stupid mistakes growing up and while trying to find ourselves, but I’m wondering, is it possible that this mistakes is the reason I’ve had to struggle for most of my life or it’s just destiny at work and what I did and didn’t do played a little or no role at all in my life predicament?
I’ve always wanted to live on the island and now that I do, am I promised a better life, cars and houses? Would I someday sit in a room with the Otedolas and Dangotes, with the National cake right in from of us and assigned contracts that would put me right on the map?
I want more for myself but I can’t even tell what exactly it is that I want. Is it the fancy cars, mansions at the Bananas and trips to the Bahamas? Would that give me the satisfaction my life longs for or just simply settling down with the girl of my dreams and have her carrying my twins in a simple but classy 3 bedroom flats on the mainland, somewhere quiet and respected. It wouldn’t be a bad idea acquiring a property in the Allen Avenue metropolis of the city, right?
I love the Lord but I know He loves me more. I love my people but I know they love me more. I’m from a family founded on a land flowing with milk and honey but I can’t even tell how the honeycomb is made. Why do I have to drink my tea bare? Why the pain and hunger, why the frustration and anger?
Is it possible I can still be the president of my beloved country even though I’m sacred as hell and I’ll rather not spend a night in jail even if it was for praise and worship to lead the inflicted souls to God?
Daddy, daddy, I someday hope my kids call me, but would their mom think I’m worthy of been called that?
I know I’m a great guy but would I be a great husband? And what if I’m lucky enough to become one, what’s the guarantees my kids would get the best education, love and care? Would I be a great dad?
Lord, I’m sick of the hypocrisy and backbiting that’s eating deep into your church, can I just build an ark and have everything saved in twos. Everything you’ve made, both male and female? It’s the raining season, so you just need to send in a little more rain.
Sodom and Gomorrah, Nigeria and South Africa, now I’m really Beginning to think the queen of the coast lives in Africa. I’m scared of what the future holds, this slim, sometimes selfless prideful and unequally yoked product of the church, how am I suppose to survive with 10 wives who just wants to bear my name? I’m not even doing a good job with one.
Why do I have to drive other people’s cars when I pass by a car lot on a daily? I can’t possibly be perfecting my driving skills for my Royce Royce, am I??
I started a blog about 2 years ago but Google is yet to know my mailing address, do you think I should start blogging about sex and maybe I can be endorsed by Durex and Gold Circle because I really need a break?
Am I a yahoo boy? Even If I was, I definitely wouldn’t have to banter words with Rugged-man, talk more of been locked down by the EFCC because my operation would have been very smooth, with the email address: smoothoperator@yahoo.com
I wish I could drop the highest sold music of all time and have major distribution companies pay royalties to me but how loyal would I be to them? My loyalty only stands with God, the One who has created me and not allowed me loose my mind despite so many unanswered questions I share my pillow with.
Am I cute, exposed and outspoken, do you think I’ve got what it takes to lead a church? I could build a house on the rock in my village since nobody ever does that these days, we all wanna leave in Banana island.
I’m grateful Lord for every piece I’ve written, just a couple likes, views and shares though, I believe I deserve a little more following, if I sold you out and wrote what the people wanna read, I’ll prolly get a million likes before I’m even done publishing. But you orchestrated the project, it’s your blog, not mine, can I at least get a chance to write my book soon?
Great minds stick together, what happens if I lost my mind, would we still gel like bread and butter?
I really wanna know what the future holds for me, would all these pain end in joy? When do I finally get to buy my Lamborghini and sow my G series convertible Benzes to the lives of the motherless and afflicted youths I’ll someday build a palace for? As I make a way for the hopeless, in return, please make a way for my wife and kids when I’m gone.
I really need answers and by the way, the piece was meant to be about 21 questions, what if I asked less??

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