200 Success Secrets – Chichi Umeseaka

200 Success Secrets - Chichi Umeseaka

Have you ever wondered about things that can hinder your Success? Below are 3 things that could hinder your Success no matter the Business you venture into.


  1. The lack of funds
  2. The lack of real-life experience
  3. The lack of emotional maturity and strength of character.

Lack of funds could slow things down for anyone with great ideas and plans. It could even hinder or totally stop some from pursuing their dreams.

Lack of some real -life experiences could hinder some from aiming higher, settling for less or plain mediocrity; etc.

Of these, I totally believe that the third point is the main reason why some people fail in life. I knew of people who exhibited sheer talents and skills but never amounted to anything. Lot’s of people are smart, highly educated, some with even double decrees and Masters yet they are not successful. These people plainly failed to develop their God given talents.

It’s one thing to have it, it’s another thing to harness, horn and polish it. There are people with great ideas of how to make millions, but lack strength of character to pick up from past failures, get off their butt from watching Telemundo and Zee World. Some use excuses to explain their woes, some are pure lazy and lousy, some just wait for things to happen and refused to take action.

Some have plans to change the world, but can’t change their present conditions. We know people who lack integrity, they are skilled liars, cheats and they believe that others don’t like them for no reason.

See, I’ve proven this, that “Life can never give you what you deserve, but what you demand”. Success requires the absolute sacrifice of some sort.

Wake up this morning and get to work on your strength of character and emotional maturity.





Chichi Umeseaka

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