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King Solomon’s Mine is seeking all the SUPPORT it can get to keep the good work of the Lord going.

We would be surprised what we can actually do, no matter how small to put a smile on people’s faces and keep the HOPE alive.

And wonderfully enough, there are obvious ways you can actually support this CAUSE, it doesn’t necessarily have to be monetarily but that would be greatly and most appreciated.

The project needs to be taken to the next level and that requires a lot of financial assistance.

Like I always say, we all can’t be Pastors, Ministers/Ministry workers but we can support the movement at every given opportunity and today I’m calling you all to SUPPORT the project as we continue to give glory to the One who deserves it all and may the Holy Spirit touch our hearts to do the little we can.

A lot goes into ensuring the Internet stays active, talk more of the maintenance work/upgrades, and the list just goes on.

Thanks for your dedicated association, KSM is growing because you have made it so. You’re all greatly appreciated and I’m looking forward to a positive response. God bless!

Kind Regards

Kay Magnate | © KSM 2018


Phone/Whatsapp: +2349020223029
Twitter/IG: k_magnate
Fb/LinkedIn: Kay Magnate
Email: info@kingsolomonsmine.com.ng

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